Lash Pricing

The menu below contains pricing for each type of lash set as well as lash removal. Appointment times are approximate and your appointment may be longer or shorter as necessary.

All Lash Services are preformed by a master lash artist with a certification in NovaLash lash extensions and continuing education with four years of lash experience , twelve years as a working licensed Esthetician, Massage therapist and licensed in Permanent/Semi permanent cosmetics.

Classic Curl Lashes By: NOVALASH

The Classic Lash look  gives you a full , elegant look that provides dramatic curl with up to fifty percent added length and fullness while maintaining a beautifully uniformed look. The lashes are perfect for those trying lashes for the first time or those who want the full dramatic look for any occasion. Your new lashes are customized with different lengths and textured lashes for your own personal style and eye shape.


Classic Lashes

$130| Classic Curl Eyelash Extensions  

  • Professional Medical Grade Lash Product
  • Average appointment time is one hour and 30 minutes

$50| 2-3 weeks Classic Lash Fill

$60| 4 weeks Classic Lash Fill

  • Fills  every two and a half to three weeks  will keep lashes looking fresh and new
  • Average appointment time is fifty  minutes.

Volume Lashes by: NOVALASH American Volume

NOVALASH American Volume gives you the voluptuous look with more fullness and an added feathery look. This pretty, sought after style works great on most all lashes and eye shapes. With extra volume it helps make the eyes stand out more with a dark lash line and and an elegant sophisticated look. Perfect for those desiring the big mascara look to their lashes or those seeking extra length and volume for smaller lashes giving you a


American Volume

touch of glam.

$175 | American Volume  by: NOVALASH  LashesIMG_0675

Average appointment time for full set is two hours .

$55 | 2 -3 Weeks Volume Lash Fill

$60 | 4 -5 Weeks Volume Lash Fill 

  • Fills  on a regular basis will keep lashes looking fresh and new.
  • Average appointment time is 50 to 60 minutes .

Lash Removal  $30

If you have lashes that were applied at another lash establishment the process to remove them could take up to thirty minutes . As with our other lash services, you will need to schedule an appointment for the lash removal. New lashes should not be applied the same day you have your old lashes removed, so you will need to schedule a separate appointment for the application of your new lashes.

After your old lashes are removed, you will need to wait up to 24 hours before your new lashes can be applied. Essentially, if you need old lashes removed, schedule an appointment for removal and then schedule a separate appointment for two or more days later for the application of your new lashes.

  $45/ 30 minutes| Lash Removal

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