Your Lash Appointment

There are several things to do or bring before, when arriving at, and after your lash appointment.

Before Your Lash Appointment

There are several guidelines you should follow to ensure your lash appointment goes smoothly and runs on time. Following these guidelines will mean your appointment is enjoyable and relaxing and results in beautiful, eye-catching lashes.

Things to Bring or Do

  • Bring a contact lens case if you wear contacts.
  • Thoroughly remove all eye makeup off before your appointment, especially mascara.
    • Your lashes must be free of any makeup, oil-free makeup removers, or facial moisturizer residue in order for the lash extensions to properly adhere to each single, natural lash.
    • To thoroughly remove any left over residues I recommend using a sudsy wash of Johnson’s baby shampoo.
      • Tip: Mix four parts distilled water with one part Johnson’s baby shampoo in a four ounce travel-size bottle. Use the mixture at home as a daily lash cleanser, and be sure to use a clean, fluffy eye makeup brush to gently clean your lashes and lash line daily.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
    • You will be relaxing on a warm, comfortable table while I apply your lashes, so do not feel embarrassed or worry if you fall asleep while I am applying your new lashes. Clients often enjoy a nap during their appointment!
    • Feel free to bring your earphones to listen to your favorite book or music.

Arriving at Your Lash Appointment

Arriving at or slightly before your scheduled appointment time will ensure that I have time to address any questions or concerns you may have, setup your lashes, and help you schedule your next appointment after the service is complete.

If It Will Be Your First Appointment

On your first visit you will want to arrive 15 minutes early for a consultation and paperwork. This first visit will take around two hours and 15 minutes, which includes prep, application, and consultation for home care. Home care instructions will be given to you at your lash appointment.

After Your Lash Appointment

Home care is an important part of your lash routine, so be sure to use a mild soap like Johnson’s baby shampoo to clean your lashes and lash line. As your natural lashes go through their growing cycle, they will shed up to five natural lashes a day, along with the extensions that are attached to them. Depending on the type of lashes you have chosen , Classic Lashes or Volume Lashes; having a lash fill around every two to three weeks will keep your lashes looking fresh and new.

Your lash health is my primary concern, so if I feel your lashes need a rest I may recommend a break from your lash extensions.

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