About NOVALASH® Lashes

one-eye-nova-lashNOVALASH® lashes are premium lashes that are applied with an award-winning, medical grade bonding agent which is made in the USA. Their bonding adhesive is different then any other lash bonding agent in the lash market today because you can participate in your active lifestyle the day of your appointment, which includes showering, swimming, working out, doing hot yoga, sitting in a sauna, or running. With proper care, you can enjoy wearing your lashes for as long as you heart desires as long as you get regular, timely touch ups.

Classic Lashes

NOVALASH Classic Lashes are applied to your own natural lashes one at a time individually. Careful placement takes time, sometimes up to two hours. This also allows ample time to customize and design beautiful lashes that fit your individual eye shape and style.

American Volume Lashes

American Volume Lashes, also know as Russian Volume Lashes or 2D, 3D, 4D  lashes, are smaller, lighter lashes that I (by hand) turn into fans  during your lash appointment. Your lash fans are carefully and meticulously placed on each of your individual, natural lashes to give you a voluminous look to your lashes.

This service is a specialty service and takes additional training, product, and patience to perform. This means that your service could take to up to two and a half hours to complete, and fills could take up to one and half hours. Volume Lashes typically last longer than Classic Lashes between fills, and most clients (when lashes are properly cared for) can go three weeks before needing a fill but at times can last up to four weeks.

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